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星光之星-萧敬滕即将踏上大马的舞台啦,就在12月18日,bukit jalil stadium putra为你呈现表演和独特的歌声。

还没买票?不要紧,现在Toshiba要送你去观赏,从12月3日开始,Toshiba 将会透过其fans page每天送出2张价值RM228和2张价值268的如门票。只要每天回答一道指定的问题,你就有机会被选出出席这场Rock演唱会。

得奖名单将在每天11am公布在Toshiba Fans Page.
当然,在参加之前,必须要like下Toshiba facebook page

Jam Hsiao stand infront of us soon to bring u a good performance and song,it on 18 dec at Stadium Putra,Bukit Jalil.

Havent buy the ticket?Nvm...Toshiba want to send you watch the concert now.Start form 3 dec,Toshiba will be giving out 2 pair of tickets worth RM228 & another 2 pairs worth RM268 through the fans page.Just answer a simple question everyday,you will get the chance to attend this rock party!

Winner will be annouced daily on Toshiba Fans Page.
Before that,must click like on Toshiba facebook page
Click hereto answer the question(hint:Get your answer at

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