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林志玲和Olivia Ong约定你在Overtime

不知道大家听过overtime吗?类似pub的一种,在多个地方都有分行,如kl life centre, IOI Boulevard (Puchong),Sunway Giza等。。。
为了欢庆新开张+周年纪念,overtime请到2大巨星和大家一起同欢共庆。。。。簦~登~登~第一名模林志玲和著名歌手Olivia Ong

林志玲将担任大会司仪,而olivia ong只会出现在星期6的overtime@tropicana city mall。当晚除了聚集帅哥美女之外,还有许多名车派对。听起来已让人很期待了,大家记得带好你的相机来支持哦~

Do you heard Overtime before?It like a pub and has branches in many places, such as kl life centre, IOI Boulevard (Puchong), Sunway Giza and so on. . .
To celebrate grand opening and anniversary,Overtime invited 2 big stars to celebrate the joy with everyone. . . . Teng~ Teng ~ Teng ~ they are top model Lin Chi-ling and the famous singer Olivia Ong

Lin Chi Ling will officiating the ceremony and olivia ong only present at overtime @ tropicana city mall. That night not only beauties,handsome
andwill jammed by luxurious sport racing cars.Sounds like very fantastic,so prepare bring your camera to support it.

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