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Wine FAIR & Party @ Cold Storage,Solaria

圣诞晚宴少不了的就是一支漂亮的红酒~想选支价廉物美的红酒,可以在10/12 - 12/12来到位于solaris,mont kiara的cold storage,那里将会举行圣诞Wine Fair,到时候的红酒会有高达70%的折扣。只要在单张收据里购买超过RM100的红酒或色酒,可免费获得一个购物袋。若超过RM200,则可以获得RM10的cold storage voucher~

重头戏来罗:明天也就是9/12/10的 6pm-9pm,位于solaris,mont kiara的cold storage将会举办christmas wine party.当晚除了有一系列的表演外,还有食物与饮料供应,仿佛和大家庆祝预先圣诞佳节

Wine playing an important role in Christmas dinnerwine ~ Wan't to find a quality wine?you can arrived at solaris, mont kiara's cold storage in 10/12 - 12/12 , there will be a Christmas Wine Fair.Those quality wines up to 70% discount. Just buy more than RM100 in a single receipt of wine or liquor , you can get a shopping bag. If more than RM200, you can get RM10 cold storage voucher ~

Highlight: Tomorrow - 9/12/10's 6pm-9pm, in solaris, mont kiara's cold storage will organize a christmas wine party. You can enjoy the night's event with performances,figer foods & drink as christmas is just around the corner

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