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CIMB 送出300个Octopus Toys

只需将你的facebook profile picture换成CIMB所设定的八爪鱼图片,你就有机会获取啦,每天(除了星期六,日)将选出25位朋友。除此之外,在竞赛最后的两天里,将选出5位朋友获得一系列的八爪鱼娃娃(总共5个)。

竞赛截止日期为6/1/2011。来 这里注册并下载CIMB Octo图片。

Octopus eat alot already, it is better now to have an octopus soft toy ~ CIMB giveaway 300 free and lovely octopus to you.
Just use one of the CIMB octo picture as your profile picture on facebook,you will have the opportunity to get it.Everyday (except weekends) will randomly select 25 people who has their Octo profile picture up to win.In addition, the last two days of the contest will randomly select 5 winners each day to win Limited Edition Octo Soft Toy Set Comprising of 5 adorable toys.

Expiry Date:6/1/2011.Come here to register and download CIMB Octo Picture.

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