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Carlsberg“The Dream Party of the Year”

这个圣诞,Carlsberg“The Dream Party of the Year”抽奖游戏将实现3位幸运儿的愿望,为你准备一场派对,让你和你的20位好友一同参与这完全免付费的派对,一同狂欢!

参赛的方法很简单,即日起至12月17日,你只需到Facebook传送电子礼物给你的家人与朋友,就有机会成为幸运儿!浏览 Carlsberg Facebook Page并成为Carlsberg的粉丝。当此游戏应用程式完成加载,你就能从你的朋友列表 当中选出一位朋友,把他/她“放入”Carlsberg Gift Box里。之后,你就在Facebook传送这些电子礼物于你的朋友们,传送最多以及回复最多Carlsberg Gift Box的朋友将成为此游戏的优胜者。


This Christmas, Carlsberg "The Dream Party of the Year" sweepstakes will be choose 3 lucky winners to achieve their wishes,that will be a party for you, so you and your 20 friends can participate in the party with free.Let celebrate together!

The method very easy,start from today until 17/12/10,send Carlsberg Christmas Gift Box to your friends through facebook,then u will got the chance become winner.Log into Carlsberg Facebook Page and become fans.When the game finished loading, you will be able to choose which of your friend "into"Carlsberg Gift Box Lane. Send more Carlsberg Gift Box's to your friends,you will become the winner of this game.

Winners announced on 18/12/2010

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