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Nippon Paint送你超大的Nippon Paint blobbies

圣诞节要到了,nippon paint要送你超Q的nippon paint 吉祥物,听说好大一个哦~
方法很简单,只要拍一张你和christmas mood有关的照片,然后upload上去Nippon Paint Blobbies's fans page。。。

不需要呼吁你朋友like你,这是公平的比赛,最有创意的20位朋友,你就是赢家,就可以抱走Nippon Paint Blobbies

比赛期限:2/12/2010 - 19/12/2010

Christmas is coming soon, nippon paint want to give you super-Q nippon paint mascot~ I heard it was very big .Very simple, just take a picture of you in christmas mood and upload toNippon Paint Blobbies's fans page. . .

And don't forget email your personal information, including name, IC number and contact details to

You do not need to call your friend like on your photo, it is a fair game, the 20 most creative friends, you will become
winners to take away Nippon Paint Blobbies
Competition period: 2/12/2010 - 19/12/2010

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